The Deprivation of Sense-Making for Cassandra

As human beings, we have a desire to understand our experiences, our relationships, our world and ourselves. When events occur that are surprising, unusual, or substantially outside of our expectations, we are driven to consider what factors influence the occurrence. We often don’t realize that sense-making is automated until we are confronted with a disruption.Continue reading “The Deprivation of Sense-Making for Cassandra”

The Extended Family System of a Neurodiverse Marriage

Partners in a neurodiverse marriage often have families of origin with various complexities, many of which may impact the marital life in significant ways. For neurotypical wives, the most difficult aspect is the lack of support from extended family members. When families of origin aren’t burdened by pervasive mental health disorders, addictions, generational trauma, neurodiversityContinue reading “The Extended Family System of a Neurodiverse Marriage”

Why do ASD husbands experience neurotypical feelings as an attack?

The communication difficulties between NT/ASD partners is usually a primary source of conflict, hurt and misunderstanding. The neurotypical wife feels very isolated and hopeless when the ASD husband is unable to receive her feelings and perspective. A neurotypical woman needs her intimate partner to be her softest place to land, the primary spot where sheContinue reading “Why do ASD husbands experience neurotypical feelings as an attack?”

What is Cassandra Syndrome?

Something often misunderstood about the formation of trauma is that it does not just develop from a single event, or a complex set of ongoing events. Trauma occurs when we are left alone with our hurt, and subjected to disbelief from others. There is nothing more isolating and further traumatizing to a survivor than beingContinue reading “What is Cassandra Syndrome?”

Why do neurotypical wives need support for their neurodiverse marital experience?

“Why do neurotypical wives need support? It’s a neurotypical world! Shouldn’t the focus be on the autistic spouse and how neurotypical expectations are so unfair to him?” All we have to do is look at social media responses from #actuallyautistic individuals to know that neurotypical wives are highly unwelcome to share their experience of beingContinue reading “Why do neurotypical wives need support for their neurodiverse marital experience?”